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This year Car Service City won the award for Job Creator

of the Year and was a finalist in two other main categories.


FASA has, in addition to its Franchisor: Leading Developer of Emerging Entrepreneurs Award, introduced the Job Creator of the Year category in its Awards for Excellence in Franchising portfolio. This new award speaks directly to the promotion of skills development and job creation.

A recent survey done by FASA shows that, at present, the 30 050 franchise outlets in South Africa employ an average of 10 staff, bringing the total number of jobs created by the franchise sector to 323 519. A parallel survey on franchisees shows there are an average number of 14 employees per business, including the owner.  Of these, three are white and the balance is black (10) and coloured/Indian (1).  According to John Baladakis, Chairman of FASA and himself a Pick ‘n Pay multi-store owner, “franchise analysts abroad go a step further and include the indirect jobs that are created through the franchise system which often doubles the number of jobs created.”

The Job Creator of the Year award recognises those franchisors who, through the expansion of their franchise brand and network of franchisees, contribute extensively to job creation.  In addition to assessing the number of jobs created, the criteria also takes into account the skills training offered and the franchisors’ efforts to encourage entrepreneurship and job creation through enterprise development initiatives. The 2015 winner in the Job Creator of the Year category is:


Whether it’s the mechanics working on the cars, the car wash staff and workshop assistants or the ad-hoc jobs given to those that hand out leaflets at traffic intersections, the support given to the almost 1 000 employed at Car Service City outlets forms the foundation of their business success.

The business ethics of the Car Service City franchise starts at the very top, according to MD Grant Brady. Car Service City’s 55 outlets strive to provide the best quality motor services through conveniently located workshops, at affordable prices, making their brand the consumers’ first choice for motor support.  A large part of their success can be credited to their quality-trained staff who are motivated to remain loyal and happy and who are trained to remain customer focused and to ensure mechanical excellence. That same level of attention is extended to customer care which is monitored daily through the use of a customer solution system that sends an SMS to each customer on completion of their service/repair, asking whether the customer is satisfied with the service provided by the branch. “This puts everyone on an equal footing when it comes to taking responsibility and is our way of ensuring any issues that may arise are resolved timeously – whether at workshop level or at head office” concludes Brady.


FASA’s most prestigious award, sponsored by ABSA, celebrates the success of the franchisor who has made a significant impact in the marketplace and who has, through effective business management and marketing, achieved outstanding financial results and a significant growth in his sector. According to John Baladakis, FASA’s Chairman, having a franchise company in a new business category winning the top award is a first for FASA and for franchising. “With South Africa franchising is only found in 17 business categories compared to between 25 and over 75 industries in countries around the world – from Australia to the USA, any new franchisor breaking ground in a new business category is welcomed and bodes well for franchising’s future growth.”


In the Automotive Services industry, made up of specific car brand workshops and then a plethora of independent operators that service motorists from all walks of life, Car Service City strives to provide the best quality motor services through conveniently located workshops, at affordable prices, making their brand the consumer’s first choice for motor support. With 55 outlets and growing, Car Service City is fast becoming the brand of choice.


Brand Builder of the Year is all about the public face of franchising and translating that to brand recognition and ultimately sales at the till. The objective of this award is to give recognition to the company that managed to elevate and grow their brand through the successful implementation of a sound marketing strategy. The Brand Builder of the year is evaluated on efforts to build the brand during the franchisor’s past financial year and covers activities with this intent. The focus is on innovation and effective execution of marketing strategies rather than the size of the brand’s marketing budget. One of FASA’s professional service providers, attorneys DM Kisch, a leading intellectual property firm in South Africa, has also given the winner of this category a cash prize of R5 000.


Through clever marketing and top-of-mind promotions, Car Service City has managed to differentiate itself from other car servicing agents, as well as independent workshops to become a trusted, recognised car-servicing brand. Their key brand messages are communicated with effective above-the-line, outdoor advertising, a well-supported on-line presence and in-store marketing. This is all re-enforced by franchisees and their staff and carried through to the customers they service.

As the first car-servicing brand in South Africa to use above-the-line media (radio, billboards, street poles and bus shelters) to cement their position as an all-round car servicing solution at an affordable rate, their brand represents a clean image – a real breakthrough in the car industry.