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2012 Winner – SA Franchise Warehouse

franchisebadgeCAR CITY HOLDINGS, the holding company of Car Service City, with its forward thinking head office, is steamrolling ahead in the vehicle repairs franchise market. It all started with a single branch 9 years ago but with the application of its proven business model the brand has expanded to over 40 branches with a nationwide footprint today. Their emphasis on excellent customer care, good quality and affordable servicing and repairs has earned Car Service City its racing stripes as one of South Africa’s leading car repair workshop franchises. 2012 was a particularly good year for the Car City Holdings group. It is their staggering 33 percent net growth, their successful expansion into new regions in South Africa and their active participation in SA Franchise Warehouse initiatives that has led to their being awarded top honours as the SA Franchise Warehouse Business Opportunity of the Year for 2012.

In analysing their key success factors, it soon became apparent that there are a number of elements that contributed to their outstanding achievements. First and foremost, the group’s vision was clear from the start, ‘To create a business opportunity that was safe and offered excellent returns in a market where there is a great demand’. To ensure that there is a demand for their services, top quality repair work and outstanding customer serviceremains priority. A repeat customer spreading the word, in turn, translates into a happy franchisee as they watch their business grow. safranchisemagazineIt is a win-win situation, but something that has to be worked on and improved continually. When it comes to choosing new potential store sites, the maxim ‘location, location, location’, holds true. The successful execution of their expansion strategy relied on the careful selection of sites. One of the key objectives of the group is to open and successfully maintain individual franchisee-owned stores.

To achieve this, a significant amount of support is available to franchisees on an everyday basis. Their enthusiastic head office specialists provide the support, guidance and advice franchisees require to run a successful business without stifling their entrepreneurial spirit. The support on offer includes, but is not limited to Human Resources, IT, Operations, Marketing, Legal Advisory, Accounting, Tax and Customer Relationship Management. Even though Franchise Relationship Managers are always on hand to provide support, Car City Holdings owner Grant Brady enjoys being available to personally assist franchisees. This ensures good communication flow. Full accreditation with FASA (Franchise Association of South Africa) as well as other authoritative bodies such as the RMI (Retail Motor Industry) and MIO (Motor Industry Ombudsman) ensures that all industry standards are adhered to. It has been said that opportunity favours the brave, but in the case of a Car Service City franchise, the risk has been mitigated, so with some good old fashion dedication, a good work ethic and the Car City Holdings team behind you, you can pave your own road to success. group