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Hints & Tips

Here are some handy hints and tips, from Car Service City regarding best vehicle care. Should you have any questions regarding your vehicle care – please do not hesitate to contact your nearest branch and speak to the manager!
The oil change levelWhen it comes to maintaining your vehicle, the best advice is change the oil every 6 months. New oil shields your vehicle against harmful deposits., cools, seals and cleans your engine thereby reducing engine wear, preserves power and performance ultimately prolonging engine life. Remember to check the oil and water levels when you fill your vehicle with fuel as the correct amount of oil is required to protect your engine properly.
Brake FluidBrake fluid is essential for the function of the brakes. Ensure that the fluid is replaced at least once a year as over time brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air which reduces the effectiveness of the brakes.
TyresBy law the minimum tread on a passenger vehicle is 1mm. Check your wheel alignment every 10 000km as correct wheel alignment prevents tyre wear and decreases fuel consumption by reducing road friction. Ensure that your tyres are also inflated to the manufacturer’s recommendation as under inflated and over inflated tyres wear more quickly. Always check the air pressure in the tyres when they are cool and not after a long journey.
AccidentsWhether you have been involved in a minor bumper bashing or a major collision, follow our 7 point check list.
  1. Stop. You are required by law to stop your vehicle after an accident.
  2. Switch on your hazard lights. This will warn other drivers of the accident.
  3. Call the South African Police Service on 10111 or the Emergency Services on 10177 to assist you at the accident scene.
  4. Record the relevant information from all the parties involved in the accident and at the scene. The following information: full names, ID numbers, addresses, contact numbers, registration numbers, description of the vehicles, details of the traffic officers, tow truck and ambulance personnel, if they are present at the scene.
  5. Record the extent of the damage but be careful of glass and spilt fuel and oil.
  6. If the police were not present at the scene, report the accident within 24hrs and ensure you receive a case number.
  7. Do not move the vehicles until the police have arrived especially if there are any injuries.